The best platforms to learn web3 in 2023

Written by Mary Idomo

May 18, 2023

Are you curious about the rapidly evolving world of Web3? With blockchain technology reshaping the internet, Web3 is gaining momentum as a frontier of innovation. Whether you’re a curious novice or an experienced enthusiast, some platforms offer the right knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this exciting landscape. From interactive courses and tutorials to open-source projects and informative videos, these platforms offer a wealth of resources to help you unlock the potential of Web3. In this post, we’ll explore the best platforms to learn web3, highlighting their unique features and benefits, including both free and paid options.

What is web3?

Web3 is the next generation of the internet that leverages blockchain technology to create a more transparent and user-centric online ecosystem. With Web3, you can take charge of your personal data, digital assets, and online identity, without relying on a middleman. Based on the principles of decentralization, transparency, security, and ownership, Web3 opens up new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Web3 also has the potential to disrupt industries such as finance, gaming, social media, and more, and is seen as a catalyst for the advancement of the internet into a more inclusive, secure, and user-centric ecosystem.

How to Choose the best platforms to learn web3

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a platform to learn web3:

  • Quality of course content: Look for platforms that deliver high-quality, up-to-date, and comprehensive content on Web3. This should encompass a wide range of topics, including cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, and more. The content also needs to be well-organized, easily understandable, and accompanied by practical examples that facilitate effective learning.
  • Teaching methods: You need to carefully evaluate the teaching methods employed by the platform you choose. Look for platforms that prioritize interactive courses, and tutorials, and promote active learning. Opt for platforms that offer a diverse mix of written, visual, and interactive content, as this can greatly aid your understanding of complex concepts.
  • Credibility and Reputation: When evaluating platforms to learn Web3, it’s crucial to research their credibility and reputation. Look for reliable platforms that have positive feedback from learners, and are recognized within the Web3 community. Take the time to check for industry experts, educators, or reputable institutions associated with the platform to guarantee its credibility.
  • Flexibility: When choosing a platform to learn Web3, it’s important to consider flexibility and accessibility. Look for platforms that offer self-paced learning, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Additionally, consider platforms that provide mobile apps, offline access, or other features that make learning convenient and accessible, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere,
  • Great Community and Support: When choosing a platform to learn Web3, it’s important to consider the community and support it provides. Look for platforms that have a thriving community of learners and experts. A supportive community can offer opportunities for networking, collaboration, and learning from peers, which can enhance your learning experience. Additionally, check if the platform offers adequate support through forums, mentors, or customer service to ensure you have the necessary assistance and guidance throughout your learning journey.
  • Constant Update to course content: It’s important to select a platform that prioritizes staying current with the fast-paced changes in the Web3 space. Look for platforms that provide timely updates to their content to ensure you are learning the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the dynamic world of Web3.

The top platforms to learn web3 in 2023

Here are the best platforms to learn web3 from at the moment. We’ve carefully curated them for you along with their features and pricing so that you can make your preferred choice easily.

Crypto University

Crypto University, is a fully licensed and credible cryptocurrency education platform that offers numerous valuable courses to position learners for massive opportunities. One of its popular courses is the Crypto University membership. This membership offers a top-notch learning experience for a diverse range of learners, including developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and crypto enthusiasts, who are interested in delving into the world of Web3. 

By covering topics such as blockchain technology, smart contracts, technical Analysis, NFTs, Derivative Trading, Crypto Investment Strategies, DeFi, and many more, this masterclass provides a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies work together to create a decentralized ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in the exciting world of Web3 technologies.

What sets this web3 course apart is its community-based learning approach, where you can connect with other students, share thoughts, and challenges, and receive instant help and feedback. You also get access to live trading calls and continuous guidance from crypto experts. And the courses are regularly updated to align with current market trends, ensuring you stay ahead in the crypto market. 

Features/benefits of the Crypto University Membership
  • Comprehensive understanding of Web3 technologies and their applications.
  • Practical insights and real-world examples to enhance learning and understanding.
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with experts and peers in the blockchain industry.
  • Access to 15+ weeks of course content 
  • Enjoy weekly premium trading calls
  • Flexible access to course materials for enhanced learning and skill development.
  • Certificate of completion to showcase knowledge and skills in Web3 technologies.


The membership cost varies from $50 to $999

Check out the Crypto University membership 

ConsenSys Academy 

ConsenSys Academy is a renowned platform that provides both free and paid courses on various Web3 topics, such as blockchain basics, smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and more. Their self-paced courses feature interactive lessons and quizzes for an enhanced learning experience. They also offer a certification program to validate your knowledge in the Web3 space. ConsenSys Academy caters to a wide range of individuals interested in Web3 technologies with courses designed for both technical and non-technical learners. Their comprehensive curriculum and practical approach make it an ideal platform for gaining expertise in the decentralized web.

Features/benefits of ConsenSys Academy:

  • Comprehensive courses covering various aspects of Web3 technologies.
  • Practical exercises and real-world examples to enhance understanding.
  • Suitable for both technical and non-technical learners.
  • Certification program for gaining recognition in the industry.
  • Active support from ConsenSys blockchain developers and trainers.
  • Access to course content is included for one year after the cohort ends.


Fees vary depending on the specific course. For example, The Developer Program Bootcamp costs $985


If you’re a developer looking to enter the exciting world of Web3, ChainShot has got you covered. They offer a 10-week, instructor-led Web3 developer boot camp that provides a comprehensive learning experience to help you build your skills in blockchain development, Solidity, and decentralized applications. Their learning model incorporates a mix of classes, games, and articles to reinforce learning.

It’s important to note that proficiency in JavaScript is recommended to fully participate in the boot camp. The daily schedule ensures that learners receive live participation, with recorded sessions available for review if necessary. So, if you’re ready to take your Web3 development skills to the next level, ChainShot’s Web3 developer boot camp may be the perfect fit for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Great curriculum & instructors
  • Best-In-Class Ethereum Developer Bootcamp Experience
  • Learn web3 from first principles.
  • Fast-track your Ethereum Developer Career
  • Custom Learning Tools
  • Get a solid foundation in blockchain full-stack development


Alchemy has partnered with ChainShot to offer the course for free.


LearnWeb3 is an excellent platform to get started If you are looking to expand your knowledge on Web3. It is an online educational platform that provides free courses on various Web3 topics, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, Solidity, NFTs, DAO, and more. The courses are designed in tracks, and by completing a track and answering quizzes, you earn a “Proof of Knowledge NFT” as a Certificate. 

The platform also offers a Discord community where students can connect, ask questions, and attend exclusive events. To use LearnWeb3, you need to set up your profile and connect to a supported crypto wallet. By following the tracks, learners can go from setting up their developer environment to learning about Web3 security and other relevant topics.

Features and Benefits

  • Free courses are available to everyone, regardless of location.
  • Engage in hackathons, and technical discussions, or simply socialize at events.
  • Access job opportunities and bounties through the platform’s job board
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals, and build relationships and collaborations.
  • Progressively learn about various topics, from A to Z.


The course is free to enroll in. is a website that provides comprehensive educational resources for individuals who want to learn about the Ethereum blockchain technology and web3. It caters to both beginners and advanced users and offers various sections such as “Learn,” “Build,” “Use,” and “Community.” 

The website is well-organized and easy to navigate, with a clear focus on delivering high-quality content. Whether you are interested in developing on Ethereum, using it for trading, accessing decentralized finance applications, or simply staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the Ethereum community, has got you covered. They cover topics such as Ethereum basics, smart contracts, tokens, and more. is a great starting point for understanding the fundamentals of Web3 and Ethereum.

Features and benefits of

  • Comprehensive educational resources, including tutorials and documentation.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Covers various aspects of Ethereum and its technologies.
  • Fosters community engagement and participation through initiatives like hackathons, bounties, and developer challenges.
  • Regularly updated with the latest information and developments in the Ethereum ecosystem,


Free to access 


Buildspace is an e-learning and community platform that helps developers learn about web3 and crypto projects. Joining Buildspace requires no additional qualifications. The platform offers project-based courses that cater to beginners and advanced developers. In each project, learners build a specific thing to learn various aspects of web3.

JavaScript and React proficiency, as well as a basic understanding of web development, are necessary skills to have in order to take the course. However, Buildspace’s supportive community is always ready to help learners with their questions. The platform is constantly working on new projects, and each project takes around 5-10 hours to complete. Students can participate in live sessions with the instructor when they enroll in a project. The platform’s Discord server, with over 19,400 developers worldwide, is an excellent place to learn and network. Members can ask questions, seek advice, and give feedback to one another in a supportive space.

Features and Benefits

  • Acquire web3 skills through practical experience
  • Benefit from the assistance of a vast community of developers
  • Supports integration with Twitter to showcase your creations to others
  • Progress through each assignment at a comfortable speed


CryptoZombies is an excellent education platform for blockchain development, with a focus on Ethereum and Solidity. It is a fun and engaging way to learn about programming languages. The platform offers a series of in-browser, interactive coding lessons that take you from the very basics of Solidity to creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based game.

One of the unique features of CryptoZombies is that it was the first internet tutorial for NFTs, making it a relevant and valuable resource for new web3 developers looking to enter the industry. The platform has been around for over four years and has over 400k registered users that have completed multiple courses. And the best part is that CryptoZombies is free and open source, so anyone can access its content.

Features and benefits of CryptoZombies:

  • Interactive and gamified learning experience.
  • Learn how to develop dApps through understanding smart contract development and dApp architecture,  
  • Hands-on approach with practical exercises.
  • Suitable for developers who prefer an engaging learning experience.


Web3 is poised to revolutionize the internet and provide a more open, decentralized, and secure digital ecosystem. To fully grasp the potential of Web3 0, it is essential to learn from the experts and keep up with the latest developments in the space. The platforms and courses mentioned in this article offer valuable resources for anyone looking to dive deep into Web3 and develop practical skills in blockchain, smart contracts, dApps, and DeFi. By taking advantage of these resources, you can equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the decentralized world of Web3 and get the chance to be hired by some tech companies.

Whether you are a developer, entrepreneur, investor, or simply a curious learner, exploring the world of Web3 can open up new and exciting opportunities in the decentralized future of the Internet.

If you want a beginner friendly and profitable web3 learning experience, join the Crypto University membership right away.

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