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Learn Crypto Course for Beginners

A FREE educational series for the Crypto Curious. A beginner’s guide to the key concepts of cryptocurrency.

The Fundamentals of Money & Cryptocurrency

Buying & Selling Cryptocurrency

Trading & Investing in Cryptocurrency

Risks & Awareness in Cryptocurrency

Ethereum and other Crypto altcoins

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Your Instructors

Grey Jabesi

Founded Crypto U in 2018 as a way to help newcomers avoid scams in the cryptocurrency space. In addition, we also wanted to provide advanced education for investors, traders and professionals.

Cryptocurrency is the ultimate financial tool. At Crypto U, we aim to educate and empower people all over the world through Cryptocurrency and Blockchain knowledge.

Sbusiso Leope (Aka DJ Sbu)

DJ Sbu’s introduction to the Cryptocurrency world started June 2021 during the Covid 19 Lockdowns. During a recording of his Hustlers Corner Podcast he hosted Crypto Expert Grey Jabesi.

Sbu was so impressed with Grey’s knowledge of the Crypto world that they decided to collaborate and start Crypto University South Africa.

Dezray Thomas

Dezray began her interest in crypto in 2011 and purchased Bitcoin when most of the market was still in the dark about crypto.

Empowered with the knowledge “only invest using money you can afford to lose” she left her coins intact even at times where she says she needed the cash.

About the Course

Learn Crypto Course for Beginners from Crypto University provides you with a deeper understanding of how blockchains work, and their current or potential use cases. At your own pace, you will learn about the issues surrounding trust, incentives, the link between centralised authority and corruption, and the need for transparency within the current financial or governance systems.

Sponsors & Partners

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Crypto University (Crypto U) is an online university that offers various courses on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. They have a community of over 40 000 Crypto enthusiasts from around the world.

What You’ll Learn

The Fundamentals of Money & Cryptocurrency

The History of Money & The Future of Crypto

Risks & Awareness in Cryptocurrency

Recommended Tools ie Wallets, Exchanges and More

In-depth Knowledge of Cryptocurrency as a whole

Improved Financial Education

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency

Buying & Selling Cryptocurrency

Course Schedule

01 - Fundamentals
  • Introduction
  • What is crypto
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Identifying the Problem
  • Blockchain Technology
  • The history of Crypto and Money
  • Why Crypto
  • Types of Crypto
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Crypto and regulation: Part 1
  • Crypto and regulation: Part 2
  • Risks associated with crypto
  • How to setup crypto wallets
02 - Tutorials
  • Tutorial: Yellow Card
  • Tutorial: Bybit
  • Tools for Trading
  • How to Navigate Crypto University Discord Server
Course Materials (Resources)

Cryptocurrencies Recommended Tools & Resources

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Assignment 3
Learn Crypto Course Quiz
  • 20 Questions quiz

Our philosophy here at Crypto University 🏆

Beginner Friendly

I have learned so much and refined so much of my knowledge about Bitcoin and Altcoins…and just being a more intentional investor than others

Learn at your pace

We have endless amount of content. You pick and choose which area to start with based on your goals or prior experience. You can also refer back to our lessons whenever faced with a challenge.

Community Support

You’ll be part of our Discord server where you can ask questions to experts and other learners.


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If you have any queries regarding your course purchases from our website, please email [email protected] to resolve the issue. 
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Please watch the following video on how you can clear your cache. Clearing cache is a quick and easy way to free up space and (hopefully) fix a misbehaving app. 
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If you bought any of our products, you have lifetime access to it.