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Crypto University Students

What network should I choose when trying to pay with cryptocurrency?

This depends mainly on the coin you are trying to pay with. 

If it is Bitcoin, choose the BTC network. 

If you are trying to pay with BitcoinCash, select BCH network. 

If you are trying to pay with Ethereum, select ERC20 network. 

If you are trying to pay with Litecoin, select LTC network. 

You can also watch this short video on how to choose the proper network.

How do I get access to the Telegram group?

The Telegram group is for students only. If you are a student and you have not received the link, please email [email protected]

What kind of support do I get as a Crypto University student?

Crypto University students have access to our Telegram groups. These groups give students regular updates and a chance to connect with our crypto community. In addition, students have access to webinars that happen once a week. 

How fast is the Crypto University response time?

You can get a response from our telegram community generally within an hour. Our analysts work around the globe and therefore around the clock. Our official support email [email protected] generally responds within 1-3 working days. If you have an existing order claim/query, please include the order number in the subject line of your email.

How do I know if someone is an official representative of Crypto University?

Our representatives and support team provide relevant services and assistance to all our students. Our representatives will NEVER ask you to send funds for any reason. All of our content is available for purchase through our website. If someone claims to be a representative of Crypto University and is soliciting funds, they are a scammer. If you suspect that you might be talking to a scammer on any social platform or community chat, you should report them to a marked admin or contact official support by email at [email protected].

Where can I get the fastest response time from the most active community?

We have a lot of communication channels which you can find on our community page. Our telegram channel is our fastest growing open chat and the most moderated/regulated community group. You will find answers from community members and admins alike. 

How to Navigate Crypto University Server

Nitros Bull

How does Nitros Bull work?

Nitros Bull is a trading indicator that shows you when it is a good time to buy or sell your cryptocurrency. For more information watch this video

How do I set up Nitros Bull in TradingView?

On your TradingView chart, select indicators, then go to ‘Invite-only scripts’. You’ll see ‘NB OptimusPrime2’. Click on it, and it will be added to your charts.

Do I have to pay for TradingView to use Nitros Bull?

No. You can use Nitros Bull with a basic Tradingview account, which is free. 

I bought Nitros Bull but I don’t have access to it. What now?

Please send your proof of payment, order no. and your TradingView username to [email protected] and it will be added to your Tradingview account. 

I provided the wrong TradingView username for Nitros Bull, how can I change this?

Please send your new Tradingview username to [email protected]

How do I open Nitros Bull in Tradingview?

On your TradingView chart, select indicators, then go to “Invite only” scripts. You’ll see Optimus Prime. Click on it, and it will be added to your charts.

My Nitros Bull is not working. What now?

Depending on your TradingView plan, you can only have a limited number of indicators open at a time. Be sure to close other indicators before you use Nitros Bull. 

How long do I have access to my Nitros Bull?

You will have lifetime access to it.

How do I set buy or sell alerts on Nitros Bull?

Please watch this video to see how to set buy or sell alerts.

Note: If you are on the basic TradingView plan, you can only create ONE alert at a time. To create more than one alert, you will have to upgrade your TradingView account.

What time frame do you think is the best to use the Nitros Bull indicator?

The best time frame to use is dependent upon your trading strategy. If you are a swing trader, the 4 hour or daily time frames work best. If you are a day trader or scalp trader, the 15 minute or 1 hour time frames work best. Read this short article to learn more about time frames.


How do I register for courses?

Please read this guide or watch this  video for step by step instructions on how to get registered at Crypto University. If you require more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our sales and customer support at [email protected] 

The courses I paid for are not working. The website says “not enrolled”. How do I get access to my courses?

If you have any queries regarding your course purchases from our website, please email [email protected] to resolve the issue. 

I cannot log into my course. I keep getting “error” or “bad request” messages on my computer. How do I get access to my course?

Please watch the following video on how you can clear your cache. Clearing cache is a quick and easy way to free up space and (hopefully) fix a misbehaving app. 

How long do I have access to my courses?

If you bought any of our products, you have lifetime access to it.

Automated Trading Course FAQ:

What is the best subscription to 3commas?

You can get by on the advanced option to start out with but you will be limited on some features that you might find helpful later on. Once you develop our strategy you will find that you want to explore more features. 

How much capital is required to start bot trading?

You can start trading bots with any amount of capital. 

Do you offer templates for bot trading?

Yes we offer bot templates for our students to copy and turn on.

How can I gain access to the templates?

They are include in our “Automated Income” course

How much does it cost to fund the templates safely?

It requires approximately $166 to run each of our bot templates without any edits. We include 30 templates to work from in our course materials.

What should I do if my bot gets stuck?

It depends on your configurations and what pairs you have chosen to trade. You can always ask within the telegram group (link included with course purchase) to receive a tailored answer. Each scenario will be different.

How much money can you make per day with bots?

This depends entirely on your trading capital and your bot trading strategy.

What is better to run? Composite or simple bots?

Each has its pros and cons. One good thing about composite bots is its easy to distribute funds over the pairs you want to trade. One good thing about simple bots is you can control the usage amounts during pump periods for maximum profits. 

What is the best deal start condition to use for bots?

This is dependent upon your strategy. Trading View buy or sell signals can be very good for scalping bots but you may want to explore different options to find what works best for your desired profit percentages. 

Can I create BTC bots and not USDT bots?

Yes, you can configure settings to profit in multiple coins and not just USDT.


How much commission will I receive?

All Products : Affiliates receive 30% of the total sale. Partners receive 35% of the total sale. 

1 ON 1 Mentorship & 1 ON 1 Call : Affiliates & partners receive 10% of the total sale.

NOTE: The affiliate will be sent the exact amount of commission earned. Network transaction fees are deducted from this amount. 

How do I become a partner?

To become a partner, please email [email protected]. This email should contain a detailed plan of how you intend to promote Crypto University.

When and how do I get paid?

Affiliates get paid every Sunday. Affiliates get paid in USDT (TRC20).

NOTE: The affiliate will be sent the exact amount of commission earned. Network transaction fees are deducted from this amount.

Can I use Crypto University platforms to promote my affiliate links and coupon codes?

No, Affiliates/ Partners cannot use any Crypto University communities to promote their referral links/ discount codes. This includes our Whatsapp groups or Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages etc. Affiliates/ Partners cannot make use of Crypto University communities to find potential customers. Affiliates are expected to make use of their own platforms to promote and sell Crypto University products.

How much discount does the customer get with my coupon code?

The customer will receive 5% off by using the Affiliate/ Partner discount code. This code is automatically generated and can be viewed on our website in the affiliate area: https://cryptouniversity.network/affiliate-area/.

Technical Analysis

How can I find good trading opportunities?

You can find quality trades by combining the use of different indicators to analyze market trends. Learn more about technical analysis here.

How do I use indicators when trading?

Most pro traders use TradingView to analyze market data with indicators because Tradingview saves your ideas. On your Tradingview candlestick chart, select the “fx” or “Indicator” button to see the available indicators and strategies to choose from. 

What are the best indicators to use?

The best indicator to use is our Nitros Bull signal. It has clear bull and bear alerts that can be set to notify you when it is a good time to buy or sell. You can find our Nitros Bull indicator here.

I can’t afford the Nitros Bull indicator, what are my other options?

The Nitros Bull Indicator will easily pay for itself once you utilize it. However, we understand not everyone may be able to afford it today. Alternatively, you can manually observe the RSI or relative strength index indicator to determine if an asset is overbought or oversold. Another good indicator to use is the ADX or average directional index indicator which plots the strength of the current trend. Additionally, you can use the EMA or exponential moving average to plot the average price of the coin you are observing. Learn more about these indicators and others here


How much money do I need to start my cryptocurrency journey?

The minimum trade balance on most exchanges is equivalent to $10 USD. It is suggested to start with at least $100 USD to make minuscule gains. 

Can I invest my money with Crypto University?

No. Crypto University does not offer financial, investment or legal advice. We provide cryptocurrency content for educational purposes only. Beware of phishing scams on social media. Don’t click on links from unverified sources, including from emails. Always check for correct spelling and SSL certificate.

What is the best cloud mining company to use to earn more cryptocurrency?

Crypto University does not offer financial advice. But it is worth noting that cloud mining is a high-risk speculative investment.You need to do your own research before investing. 

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