Ever since 2022, Crypto gaming has been witnessing a surge in innovation. Now in 2024, it has witnessed the rise of Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming, a significant trend that has come to reshape the gaming industry.

P2E innovation brought about the incorporation of real-money assets through the ownership of in-game items such as NFT’s, utilizing blockchain technology for ownership verification and embracing a decentralized gaming structure. P2E drew Gamers to its potential income generation, decision-making independence, and notable enhancements in the overall gaming experience.

There is a current dynamics influencing the P2E landscape, ranging from the active participation of renowned game developers to the ongoing evolution of monetization strategies. It sheds light on the captivating intersection of gaming, technological advancements, and financial elements in this digital era.

The dynamics is moving from just focusing on making money to putting more importance on making the games more enjoyable. An example is Axie Infinity, they were known for their money-making opportunities,now they’re are getting developers to realize that having fun while playing game is crucial. This change is part of the Play-to-Compete (PCG) model, where the main goal is not just earning money but improving the overall gaming experience.