NFT Course

The course is very unique as it provides a practical approach to approaching the NFT space. The course has been created by someone who has experience in the NFT space himself for close to 2 years. 

It is easily understandable and bitesize, providing understandable ways of taking advantage of the NFT space for every type of person.

Original price was: R2,200.Current price is: R1,500.

Additional Information :

The first part of the course mainly focuses on understanding the microeconomic factors that influence the value in the NFT market, as well as understanding the technology as a whole and why it has become a thing. 


The course has been split up into two sectors:

  1. Collector’s Guide:

This guide is geared to those who aim to invest whether long term/short term, this concludes the fundamental risks of the activities whilst providing a methodological and rational approach of trading something that is still very “new”. 

  1. Creator’s Guide:

This section goes deeper into how to be a successful creator on the NFT space and also how to get enough “clout” to be a high selling artist.

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