Crypto University will provide you with extensive knowledge on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and trading. It offers Grey Jabesi’s most extensive knowledge on this subject. It also includes specialized knowledge from other experts.

Serious about crypto? Pick a course below.

Recommended for beginners

Bitcoin Basics Course

This course will make you understand and get started with Bitcoin. You will not be afraid or confused with Bitcoin anymore. Your journey starts here.

Learning Outcomes: The concept behind Bitcoin and rules behind Bitcoin, mining, how to buy or sell, how to send or receive.


Become a Pro trader

Crypto Trading Course

This extensive course will teach and provide you with all the necessary tools you need to become a crypto trader. 

Learning Outcomes: Understanding charts, patterns, fees, stop-losses, limit/market orders, arbitrage and special tools

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Crypto Investor Course

Ideal for those who want to buy into cryptocurrencies as a long term investment.

Learning Outcomes: Understanding altcoins, how to asses coins, how to buy/sell, how to securely store coins, how to manage your crypto portfolio

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Beginner Friendly

Our courses are designed to simplify everything. We use storytelling and examples to make sure you understand and no need to memorize.

Learn at your pace

We have endless amount of content. You pick and choose which area to start with based on your goals or prior experience. You can also refer back to our lessons whenever faced with a challenge.

Community Support

You’ll be part of our private Telegram group where you can ask questions to experts and other learners.