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Written by John Olorunfemi

February 27, 2024


Crypto games are no doubt on the list of the new narratives that will be driving this Bullrun. However, finding your next Bullrun crypto game is more challenging than it sounds. Being that there are multiple data to cross-examine while you DIOR. Without eliminating this tedious process, this article will break down the steps involved as basically as possible while still giving you a chance to discover the best crypto games from your research. 

How crypto games will impact the next bull market

Investing in games has only one purpose, which is to generate revenue. PC and Console games generated about $80B combined in 2022. Whereas mobile gaming alone generated  $92B. Mobile gaming is larger than both PC and Console gaming. This is even more advantageous for crypto games because they make more money and are more accessible, easier, and cheaper to develop. I’m not saying don’t invest in PC and Console games, but maybe just divide your investments into each of them based on your tuition. 

So what makes crypto games one of the main drivers of this coming bull market includes the following:

  1. New games are being developed that are much more comparable to non-crypto games. 
  2. Back in 2021, crypto games were not as good as non-crypto games but 2024 will be a defining moment for the industry. 
  3.  Crypto games are now being streamed by the world’s biggest audience, this will bring millions on board. 
  4. VCs are investing in  Crypto Gaming. This also brings exposure to the market. 

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How to discover your next bullrun Crypto Games.

  1. Follow and watch various influencers and content creators. Social media has made it very easy to get access to many content but there can be a headache about which category of people to follow for authentic info. That will be for you to decide. 
  2. You need to look for data on these games. Some websites can give you in-depth information about these games. For example;

 Dapprader: this website has so much data on games in different categories from sports to card games etc.

LunaCrush: here, you discover trending topics about most most-watched creators. It’s a combination of data and social. 

  1. Look for market sentiments. Twitter is the best place to look for general sentiment.
  2. Your instincts also play an important role. What you’re investing in should feel right. It may not be accurate most of the time but don’t bury your instincts. 


One of the most important things is how you will take profits. Market have their cycles. But even inside a cycle, there are ups and downs. The main purpose for investing is for profit taking. So you got to know when to get in and more importantly when to get out. 


In times when there is so much sentiment and euphoria in the market, you shouldn’t get distracted.

“Find the WINNERS”. 

There will be lots of games that look attractive but you should be able to single out the most important ones. 


There is a common trait to want to get into everything that’s good. You shouldn’t try to be everywhere. Focus on what you have been able to get into at good entries. Having too many can make you lose focus on what’s in sight. That’s why it is important to always have a plan. 


Blockchain Gaming is still so early with great potential. However, it is important to not get distracted by noise makers. Rather look for important games surrounded by real value makers in the space. Good luck finding your next bullrun crypto game. 

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