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Let’s get straight to the point.

I will not waste any time on the theoretical stuff about how cryptocurrency or NFT work. You will learn that as you go. The most important thing is getting started.

3 things you need

to be a crypto investor

1. Crypto Wallet

This is a digital wallet. The address where your coins and other crypto assets reside. You need a wallet to be able to receive or send crypto. Custodial wallets are mostly global but sometimes, jurisdiction matters.  It’s highly recommended to use at least 2 different wallets for safety and diversification. We recommend any of these wallets:

Coinbase(UK, US)

Binance (Global except US)-

–  FTX  (Global except US)

ByBit (Global except US)

Luno (UK, South Africa, Nigeria)

Kucoin (Best for US) If you want more advanced info on wallets. Read this. If not, move on to the next step.

2. Hardware Wallets

Most people in the world use the wallets listed above but if you are a privacy freak or suffer from trust issues. Get a hardware wallet, this is the most secure way to store your crypto. It’s a physical device and only you in the world have access to the funds. Get a Ledger nano here

3. Exchange

This is a marketplace where you buy and sell crypto with your cash. This is also where you can trade if you are interested in that.  The wallets we mentioned above also have exchanges already. But for the best trading experience, choose from this list:

FTX  (Global except US)

ByBit (Global except US)

Binance (Global except US)

Kucoin (Best for US)

Paxful (Global, Peer to Peer)

ByBit (Global)

2 Factor Authenticator (2FA) – This is an App you need to secure your account and make sure nobody can hack or log into your account without permission.  We recommend Google Authenticator which you can download from the app store for free


How to Setup and Buy

from an Exchange

step 1

Sign up for a wallet provider that works for your country from the list above, Make sure to get verified by completing KYC. They will ask for a photo ID etc. It’s perfectly fine. It’s the same as opening a bank account but you get verified within 5 minutes.

step 2

Deposit funds into your crypto wallet to buy the cryptocurrency you need. The crypto exchange will provide you with banking information and reference number to use when wiring money from your bank account to the crypto exchange. Once the funds are in your crypto crypto wallet account. You may proceed and convert the cash into Bitcoin. 

If it happens that the exchanges do not accept bank deposits from your country. You can buy Bitcoin from a Peer to Peer marketplace like Paxful. After you buy from Paxful, fund the Bitcoin into your crypto wallet. Tutorial for how to use Paxful here. Even if the cryptocurrency you want to invest in is not Bitcoin, you can still acquire Bitcoin then convert for another cryptocurrency on your exchange very easily. Bitcoin is like the passport of crypto. 

step 3

You are now a crypto investor. Now tell your friends and family about it. Take your time to guide them and show them step by step how it works or send them a link to this ebook. All of the wallets and exchanges have referral programs that pay you crypto for inviting friends. 

Earning Interest & Passive Income

On Your Crypto

Yes, you can earn interest on your crypto with something called Decentralized Finance(DeFi). You should learn more about this when you get time but for now. Here are some wallets that pay interest on your crypto:

No Account Managers

(Ignore Scammers)

There is no such thing as “account managers” or someone who manages or trades on your behalf and shares profits. If anyone offers to trade or invest for you while you sleep, block and ignore them. That does not exist and all of them are scammers. Never send your Crypto or share your wallet login details or keys to anyone. 

Very Important

  • Nothing in this article should be considered financial advice.
  • Yes, there are so many cryptocurrencies out there with so much hype but  if you are just getting started, stick to Bitcoin and Ethereum first. Learn more first  then you can excel in other areas of crypto.


To buy NFTs, you need a wallet called Metamask. This wallet is different from the wallets we mentioned earlier because  it’s non custodial which means only you have access to it. If you lose your seed keys. You will never be able to recover your funds. Make sure to store your backup seed phrases safely before you proceed. 

Watch how to create a MetaMask wallet here.

The largest marketplace for NFTs is OpenSea.

Watch how to buy an NFT  here.

next level

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