Crypto Gaming Revolution and Retrogression.

Crypto gaming revolution

Written by John Olorunfemi

March 4, 2024


Crypto gaming is making significant wave trends in the gaming industry, revolutionizing how players interact with virtual worlds. Crypto gaming revolution is not a subject of an ongoing thesis, but rather an emerging force to be reckoned with. It’s a metaverse where fun meets rewards. You choose your avatar and be whoever you want—a boundless imagination with elements of reality through digital art and computation. The best part is that it is fully decentralized. I’m excited to talk about this and some exciting sports games I have reserved for the mid-part of this article. Don’t skip there just yet, Let’s unravel one at a time… the emerging Crypto Gaming Revolution but also alongside it, is it’s retrogressive growth which is a bit of a concern.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is financial advice. They are simply for educational and enlightenment purposes. 

Market Growth and Gamer Base Analysis

The global video game market reportedly surpassed a whopping $195 billion in just  2021, with gamers accounting for more than one-third of the world’s population (approximately 3.24 billion gamers worldwide).

As these numbers continue to rise, the demand for an improved gaming experience grows, which has led to the intersection of cryptocurrency and gaming.

Looking at these numbers, it is safe to say there is a possibility that up to a large percentage of these gamers will most likely shift over to crypto games. Simply because it offers the best form of revenue for both developers and the players. That alone is a self-marketing feature that can convince many people. 


It’s a general perception among the mainstream media that crypto is used for illicit activities such as scams and money laundering. This has deterred the minds of the general public for a long time and has made them neglect the benefits that lie within cryptocurrencies and crypto games. 

I would tackle this myth by citing a simple analogy: Bitcoin ETF was finally approved and the apex predators of investment and banking(Blackrock/ JP Morgan) are the spearheads in the ETF.  BlackRock alone now holds over $7B worth of bitcoins and is still buying more. How long now before crypto games become so much vested in by the top web2 games developers and companies? 


  1. Cryptocurrencies are now being integrated into gaming ecosystems. 55% of millennial gamers already own cryptocurrency and approximately 80% express interest in using it for gaming transactions.
  2. Speed and reliability are another region where crypto games thrones itself. The appeal lies in the security, speed, and cost-effectiveness of crypto transactions compared to traditional methods which are mostly slow and expose ur identity or credit cards to potential scams. With crypto games, you use a non-custodial wallet which is very secure.
  3. NFTs and True Ownership:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are at the forefront of crypto gaming. Developers use NFTs to provide transparent ownership to players.

Unlike traditional in-game currencies, NFTs allow players to truly own their assets.

Blockchain technology enables developers to inject real-world economics into their games. they can trade them in virtual marketplaces or convert them to real world assets.

  1. Play-to-Earn Model:

Crypto gaming introduces a play-to-earn approach. Players can profit from their gaming efforts by earning cryptocurrency.

Let’s explore a few successful crypto games:


These games are considered the right option that’s suitable for new gamers who would like to have a taste similar to the traditional physical games they play. This time around you get to play the best version of these real-world assets on the the blockchain. They offer a variety of sports betting games and casino games that can be found on the marketplace. With a very rich user interface and amazing user experience, you get to enjoy immersiveness in your games while enriching your portfolio. 


  1. PUTTING POFITS FIRST OVER THE GAME IN ITSELF: This is common error we see most gaming developers copy in the crypto space. They call it the hype, where everyone tries to copy the trending game model in order to attract investors. instead it causes more damage because it only sways off the interest of institutional investors or even VCs(venture capitals).
  2. THERE GAMES LACK REAL USE CASE: Not all but most of the games are rather just about following the gaming trend rather than actually creating an immersive gameplay that can proof very challenging as games were designed to be initially. what we have are mostly marketing of NFTs in games that actually don’t hold intrinsic values that commensurate with the price tags they are listed for.
  3. OVER MARKETTING: A wise man once said a good project doesn’t have a budget for marketing. meaning it can market itself based off on it’s value. I agree to an extent but not that marketing should not be totally considered. It is needed for some strategic reasons If it has a value that can defend the exposure that’s being marketed. We understand that FOMO(fear of missing out) is a common thing in this space but it actually looks so insecure and misleading for those who are just coming into the space.


It really is a no brainer. they just need to do the direct opposite of the points we just discussed.

  1. build the game and not the profits
  2. solve actual problems in gaming for both existing crypto and non-crypto gmaes.
  3. cut down on marketing and focus more on value. value attracts value.

Future Prospects for Crypto Gaming Revolution:

The entire blockchain gaming sector’s revenue is expected to reach $73 billion by 2030, with $38 billion already generated directly by the games themselves.

Gaming remains one of the major drivers of growth for the crypto industry, accounting for nearly half of total on-chain activity in 2022. 

In summary, crypto gaming is reshaping the gaming landscape, offering players true ownership, economic opportunities, and exciting new experiences, all while being transparent and decentralized. 

hopefully as the games improve and there being more real use-case, we can confidently agree that the world will accept this new technology in no time just like it did the Internet.


Investing in crypto games is on the verge of garnering up so much attention. This is expected to kick off in 2025 and is expected to see immense highs by 2030. Getting in early and right is the key importance of a successful transition. I hope this article has been an invaluable contribution to helping you navigate the vast opportunities within cryptocurrencies and crypto games in particular. 

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