Knowledge Economy’ Bootcamp

The program will focus on teaching participants in Zambia the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving knowledge economy, with a particular focus on the growing field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Course Review

Consider becoming a self-employed person by learning nextgen digital skills with the help of our Digital Pioneer Bootcamp which is powered by CGU Zambia. This intensive 4 week online program focuses on essential Crypto and blockchain concepts through one of the following five modules: Crypto Trading, Crypto Investing, Content Creation, AI, or NFTs.

In addition to providing digital expertise, Bootcamp provides access to valuable networking opportunities with full-stack engineers, instructors, and alumni.

Enroll in Bootcamp to start your journey towards a fulfilling career.

What You’ll learn

The curriculum of our online Bootcamp prioritizes conceptual understanding over practical application. We delve into the subjects in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which are highly pertinent to the current industry. However, minor adjustments may be made to ensure that our program remains in line with the evolving needs of our participants and the industry.

Our online Bootcamp is tailored for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as an inclination for creative problem solving, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork. Please refer to our admissions process for further information.

Course curriculum

You will enroll in one of the following courses. 

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  1. Crypto Investing
  2. Crypto Trading
  3. Content Creation
  4. Ai
  5. NFT Course

Meet our Instructors 

The design of this online course is guided by Grey Jabesi, as well as industry experts, who will share their experience and in-depth knowledge with you throughout the course.

Grey Jabesi

Founder & CEO of Crypto University.

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Web3 Masterclass Introduction

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Cryptocurrency has been the best performing asset class for the last decade and it will continue to be. It’s irresponsible to ignore it.

Learn to become an active participant in the market, but also advance your career by learning what many do not know.

Bootcamp Admission Process

Step 1: Applicant Screening

Take a 10-min assessment of your career interest and submit your application. We will review your application according to the enrollment requirements. 


Step 2: Join the program 

If you pass the screening, we will send you a registration link. Start your Digital Pioneer journey with us!

What is Web3, blockchain, Crypto, NFTs

What are the use cases of blockchain

The difference between crypto and traditional money

Why & How are people making money in crypto

What is the metaverse


Who is the course for?

This web3 and cryptocurrency learning course is designed for anyone wishing to learn the strategies and techniques used by the pros to profit in the exciting world of web3 so as to achieve financial independence.

It’s the best cryptocurrency course for entrepreneurs and investors who want to take their financial future into their own hands by understanding the opportunities that Web3 technology offers.

Course Syllabus

01 - Crypto Basics

What we want users to know

  • What is Web3, blockchain, Crypto, Nfts
  • What are the use cases of blockchain
  • The difference between crypto and traditional money
  • Why & How are people making money in crypto
  • What is the metaverse


Learning outcomes

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to:
    Define buzzwords such as Web3, NFT, Crypto, Metaverse, and Blockchain
  • Understand the basics of how blockchain technology works
  • Understanding the fundamentals of cryptocurrency
  • Create a crypto wallet using common safety practices
  • Send and receive crypto to your wallet
  • Understand gas fees and crypto networks for sending/receiving crypto
  • Understand where and how money is made in the crypto space
02 - Investing Course

What we want users to know

  • What investing is
  • Fundamental concepts
  • How to build their portfolio
  • Portfolio diversification


Learning outcomes

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to:
    invest in crypto
  • Understand core concepts in investing
  • Build a portfolio
  • Design and automate strategies
  • Risk manage
03 - Defi Course

What we want users to know

  • Introduction
  • Defi Applications
  • Yield Farming
  • Governance
  • Security


Learning outcomes

  • Leaner will be able to use Dexes
  • Learner will be able to provide liquidity
  • Learner will be able to stake
  • Learner will be able to vote
  • Learner will be able to build strategies
04 - Trading Course

What we want users to know

  • Fundamental analysic
  • Technical analysis
  • Trading strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Automation

Learning outcomes

  • Student will understand fundamental and technical analysis
  • Student will learn how to use trading tools/order types
  • Students will have a good understanding of risk management and how to apply it
  • Students will learn how to stay informed about news and developments in the crypto market
05 - NFT Course

What we want users to know

  • What NFTs are
  • NFT standards & Platforms
  • NFT Usecases
  • NFT and Legal or Social implications
  • Investing & Trading NFTs
  • Minting Your own NFts
  • Listing and selling your own NFTs
  • NFTs & The Future

Learning outcomes

  • Learner will be able to differntiate NFTs
  • Learner will know how tp interact with NFTs on diff blockchains
  • Learner will understand how NFTs are applicable in various domains
  • You will be able to eveluate and invest in NFTs
  • You will be able to trade NFTs
  • You will be able to create your own NFT
    chatGPT for trading
06 - Automated Trading

What we want users to know

  • Sourcing data
  • Automate their favorite strategies
  • Managing a multi trading account
  • Using API calls for trading

Learning outcomes

  • Leaner will be able to utilize API
  • Learner will be able to build their own bots
  • Learner will ble able to create their own indicators
  • Learner willbe able to manage trading accounts in 1 dashbooard
Course Materials (Resources)
  • Assignment 1 – Fundamentals
  • Assignment 2 – Wallets
  • Assignment 3 – DeFi
Course Quiz
  • 20 Questions

Course Contributors

Grey Jabesi

Founder of Crypto University

Grey is the founder of Crypto University and has been in the crypto space for over a decade. He has learnt valuable lessons first-hand, which has given him enough knowledge to be able to construct the perfect guide; suitable for every step of your crypto journey. The new digital age now allows him to bridge the gap and bring all that information to you.

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