Written by John Olorunfemi

February 24, 2024


Blockchain gaming, launched in November 2017, has seen significant growth.  This industry has grossed roughly $25B in market cap currently. We are familiar with this sector of the cryptocurrency space, so this article will not tell you the basics of blockchain gaming. This article explains how well the industry stands in contrast to traditional gaming. 

A Tale of Two Worlds: Blockchain vs Traditional Gaming.

Computer gaming has been around since the 1960s. Impressively it has been very successful as many computer-literate often time set up their their workspace in a fashion that’s suitable for computer gaming. Causing many to spend well over $500 just for fun and relaxation. 

Blockchain gaming on the other hand is a new narrative that’s gradually making a name for itself. Just under a decade after its first invention, it already looks like the future of gaming.  It only requires you to invest in blockchain knowledge and requires no additional hardware to the collection you already have as a gamer. 

As it stands, a lot of gamers would feel relegated when they are to consider diving into blockchain gaming for reasons we will be discussing soon enough. But on the contrary blockchain gamers are willing to accept whatever disadvantage they face while leveraging the fact that blockchain gaming was designed with incentivization in mind. Will discuss this in detail further into  Blockchain Gaming as a rival to Traditional Gaming. 

What Traditional Gamers THINK about GAMING.

1. Games should be fun, creative, and challenging.
A Traditional Gamer sees gaming beyond just passing time but rather appreciates the quality of perfection programmed into the games in terms of ;
> Characters’ design.

> Smooth operation, especially one that it’s performance can be boosted by hardware specs such as processor speed, GPU, etc.

>Narrative behind the gameplay(a storyline).

2. Games should be competitive.
A Traditional gamer would expect games to be challenging but also make the challenge more difficult by creating a sense of real competition. This is where the idea of multiplayer comes into the picture. It gives most gamers the opium and adrenaline to keep playing for hours. 

Four(4) Benefits of Traditional Gaming over Blockchain Gaming. 

  1. Well-designed game models. Having high-end graphics and processing. 
  2. Varieties of game genres. They are offering up to 100 thousand games across multiple traditional platforms.
  3. Can be played with multiple gadgets that make gamers experience more immersive gameplay.
  4. Houses a lot of developers and high-profile partners. 

Demerits of Traditional Gaming

  1. Game developers own exclusive rights over all in-game assets and not the players.
  2. They are centralized. It means that they are controlled or managed by a central authority.   
  3. They are vulnerable to potential threats and hacks due to being connected to one central server. 
  4. Traditional Gaming is subject to in-app purchases and subscription packages that tend to cost the gamers. 

What Blockchain Gamers THINK about GAMING. 

Just two things actually:

  1. Games should be fun
  2. How much they can make while having fun?

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Five(5)  key Benefits of Blockchain Gaming over Traditional Gaming

  1. Blockchain gaming gives players ownership over their in-game assets also known as NFTs(Non-Fungible-Tokens) or the native token of the game for utilization. 
  2. Blockchain games are decentralized. Giving players control over the game and transparency. 
  3. Blockchain gaming is more secure because it uses decentralized networks and/or distributive ledgers to ensure the security of assets. 
  4. Unlike traditional games that use in-app purchases further increasing the cost for players, blockchain gaming on the bright side enables players to play and earn. Usually called P2E(Play to Earn) which rewards players with different tokens. They can also sell their NFTs on a decentralized marketplace. 


There are certain demerits to blockchain gaming which are the only areas where Traditional Gaming thrives. Despite these disadvantages, the general overview of both gaming sectors has shown that many people would overlook minor imperfections in a gaming model as long as they can earn from it. But often times many people find blockchain a bit too complex or boring. We thought this would slow down the industry… surprisingly the industry has held strong and is working with more developers and some traditional gaming companies to make blockchain gaming very similar to traditional gaming in terms of quality designs and user experience. This is a good sign that in some years from now, gaming will probably be fully integrated into blockchain technology. 


Blockchain Gaming as a rival to Traditional Gaming might sound like a threat to Traditional game developers. This can lead to a healthy or bloody competition between web2 and web3 games. But on the bright side, it would be a game-changer if these two industries could work together in the future. However, as we explore more possibilities it is obvious that the advantages of Blockchain Gaming outweigh those of Traditional Gaming. Blockchain gaming is a big rival to Traditional Gaming and it has more likelihood of taking over in coming years. 

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